View Full Version : Comfort Living--where'd they go?

12-01-2001, 12:13 PM
I somehow missed the note on their main screen that they stopped taking orders as of October 31 (until after I tried to place an order). But if you go to the baby section of the site there are details about free shipping on orders over $100 placed that day. Thing is, you can't put anything into a shopping cart. You would think they would stop making it look like products were available if they've stopped taking orders. Or have a different message when you tried to put something in the cart--right now it just says something like "this service is temporarily unavailable," which makes it look like they're having trouble with their site, not that they've stopped taking orders altogether.

I had ordered one of the Combi Strollers that were on clearance at Comfort Living a few weeks/months ago, and was rather happy with the whole experience. Now I'm not so happy with them. :-(

I guess I'll have to go place my huge order with BabyCatalog instead.

--Sue B.