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02-12-2002, 12:41 PM
I am giving a "thumbs down" for Amazon.com for 2 reasons. The first being their extremely high shipping charges. I was going to order the Euro Bath from them at $24.99. S&H was a whopping $16.99 for regular ground delivery!!! I bought it instead at Buy Buy Baby; same price and shipping was only $5.00! Baby Depot also had the same product, same price and shipping was $7.95...

My second reason for thumbs down, is their obscure fine print on how gift certificates can be redeeemed when purhcased from a store on their website. My sister-in-law knew I had registered at BabiesRus, so for my shower she ordered me a gift certificate from what she thought was "BabiesRus" store on Amazon.com. Turns out that the gift certificate was actually for "Amazon.com" to be used at any of their online stores. It cannot be used for any retail stores. I live only 30 minutes for the retail store BabiesRus and would have liked to use the G.C. there. Instead I had to order it online and pay those HIGH SHIPPING charges! ($22.00, I think)
When my sister-in-law contacted Amazon.com about the confusion of ordering a G.C. through them for a particular store, they just said that while this confusion has happened to many others, she should really read the fine print before ordering....guess we learned our lesson!



02-13-2002, 12:09 AM
Since Amazon has taken over BabiesRUs online the shipping charges have gotten out of control. I ordered the EuroBath from them before it was Amazon, and only paid around $4 shipping. I don't live close to a BRU (about an hour away and they didn't have the EuroBath), so at the time it was worth it to me. Of course I later found the EuroBath at the local BabyDepot.

--Sue B.
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02-15-2002, 01:35 PM
I printed out all the cribs from BRU/Amazon and then took them to BRU. I was shocked that the prices online were not lowered at all to help compensate for the $75 shipping.

Again, I agree their shipping is waaaay out of line.

I like BabyCenter's shipping. $5.99 will cover a lot of items, unless one is oversized!

03-01-2002, 09:43 PM

#1 I ordered many Christmas gifts from Amazon.com December 10th, 2000 and despite their guarantee posted on their website for Christmas delivery (even up until the 23rd) they arrived in late January (after being shipped on 12/26). They had taken their 800# off of their website long before so I couldn't even call them!

#2 I was very disappointed to see the BRU store taken over by them, I didn't find out until after I registered. We got three things via the website. Two orders went well. The third did not. I received my Diaper Champ with an invoice/gift message directed to someone else. They had switched invoices when packing, no big deal, right? I had to fight and fight and talk to supervisor after supervisor in their customer service before they would FINALLY tell me who sent the gift! IDIOTS! And then they never did email me the message as promised.

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03-02-2002, 01:28 PM
I agree!!! I went to order the Britax Roundabout. They wanted to charge me their extremely high regular S&H charges and a $5 surcharge on top of that!!! Meanwhile, I decided not to order from BRU/Amazon and instead I ordered from Babycatalog.com and got FREE S&H and a lower price.

04-09-2002, 09:27 PM
I am currently registered online at Babies R Us/Amazon. I was disturbed by the high shipping charges as well. So I called my local Babies R Us and asked if people could call that store directly and have things from my registry held there for pickup by me. They said no problem, and they would update the online registry at the time. So I put a "comment" on my online registry with the phone number of the local store. I hope this solves the problem. It does mean we have to drive there and pick things up, but that's okay.