View Full Version : Beware the Old Navy Return Policy

06-09-2002, 07:36 PM
Had an interesting experience at Old Navy today. I have a friend who just sent me a baby gift, and she threw in some Old Navy Newborn (0-3 month - two pack) socks.
My daugher's feet are just a bit too big for the newborn socks, so I took them back to Old Navy today. Since I didn't have a "gift reciept", and they didn't have the EXACT SAME SOCKS (in the two pack) in the 3-6 month or larger size, they wouldn't exchange the item. The socks had the original tag, showing the price, and they wouldn't even exchange them for socks of equal value. It had to be the EXACT SAME ITEM, just a different size.
Just wanted to let everyone know, especially if you go to Old Navy to buy a shower present for a friend - make sure you know what size to get AND get the gift reciept. Old Navy rotates their clothes every 8-10 weeks, and if you get the wrong size or your friend has a boy and you bought the little pink outfit, and don't give your friend a gift reciept - your friend will be out of LUCK when she might need to exchange the item.

In my book - this makes Old Navy less of a bargain than it might seem....

Louisville Mom