View Full Version : People who give gifts without receipts: UGH!!!!!

09-14-2002, 12:02 AM
Please, please, please: If you can get a gift receipt when you buy a baby gift, get one and give it to the recipient along with the gift. If you can't get a gift receipt, then just give the recipient the regular receipt. I know, it shows how much you paid for it, but I have news for you: the person will find out how much you paid for it anyway even with a "clever" gift receipt, because the sales person will tell them, give them store credit, etc. When we are dealing with baby items, we so often get multiples, wrong sizes, things we already have, etc!!! Wouldn't you rather the person receiving the gift is able to return it for something s/he likes/needs/wants? I can't tell you how many things I donated with the tags still on them because I couldn't return them due to lack of receipts from the gift-givers-clothes in sizes that DS had grown out of already, things I already had, things I had no use for (cradle sheets...but no cradle!). I received lots of clothing for my DS that he couldn't wear because they were polyester or a polyester blend, and he would get a bad rash from poly-fabrics. What a shame. Please take the time to include a receipt with your gift.