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01-16-2003, 05:22 PM
Okay- I had heard all of the stories about Burlington, and how thier Customer Service was deplorable... but they had the high chair @ the price I wanted and so I called 3 times to check it out before I sent my hubby to the store which is one hour away. The purchase went off w/ out a hitch, but when we got it home and unboxed we realized that it had already been USED! During my phone calls to the store before we purchased the highchair, I specifically asked for a BRAND NEW chair in an UNOPENED box. Apparently their definition of an unopened box was one that was opened, and then re-taped closed - very poorly at that. So I called and spoke to the store manager who also seemed surprised @ my discovery. Long story short- he was most helpful, and offered me a 25% discount ( in store credit of course) which I took - and Lysol-ed the heck out of the chair. It looked brand new, but the wheels you could tell had been rolled around a bit.
Anyway - in the end I was actually pleased w/ the way this store manager handled the situation. My advice - if you ever have a problem w/ Burlington, go straight to the store manager.
good luck in the neverending battle that is baby shopping.

01-22-2003, 12:02 PM
>My advice - if you
>ever have a problem w/ Burlington, go straight to the store
>good luck in the neverending battle that is baby shopping.

I totally agree. We ordered our crib from a Burlington in Knoxville, although we live 100 miles away in Chattanooga. We ordered it in June, and Max was due in October. No problem -- or so we thought. The saleswoman said at most it would take three months to come in. About September, we started calling. The baby depot manager kept saying "any day, any day." Well, the baby arrived, and we still had no crib. We had a bassinet, but it would have been hard for us to go pick up the crib with a newborn. My husband talked to the store manager. He appologized to no end and had an employee drive the crib to us at no charge. I definitely wish we had talked to him earlier.