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05-03-2003, 06:54 PM
i just needed to shout out some stuff and i just relly cant shout off at the people i should so i thought i would do it here......
1) our first scream of the day goes for my annoying MIL ahhhhhrrrrrr...she thinks i have all the time in the world to go to her house and stay with her all day just so she can see the baby...Crap doesnt she understand that i have to attend a baby a house and husband...plus everytime i go overthere she critisizes at everything i do with my ds...as if she would know she didnt even take care of her own baby(my dh was left in the care of a relative from 6am till 9pm just because she was annoyed at her baby crying all the time)ahhhhhhhrrr plus she has the audasity to judge me for every single decision i make...jesus if she werent my MIL you know the words that would be coming out of my mouth but i just breath and remember that she is my dh MOM...Just that recently breathing is not doing the trick pretty son im going to have to rent an oxygen base and mask myself whe i go there with poure luck shell critisize that im getting germs or something.....
2) second sound off of the day goes to my dh....jesus does he not understand that i didnt have the baby by myself can he not help me once in a while without getting pissed off or is it in mens nature to wimp and whine...........arrrrrrrhhhhh
3) third sound off goes to my mother...can she be less supportive...day!!!evrything i tell her is a problem to her everything i say causes her to go out into the past and rub crap in my face about what a horrible child i was and how she gave up evrything for me and how i screwed it all up by marrying a nobody.....does she not understand that my husband is a licensed drafter that will graduate with a BA in Civil Engineering soon...Is that not enough...do i have to marry a dr or a lawyer...gosh if it were up to her she wouldve hand picked my husband...
4) fourth shout goes to my sister...can she be less helpfull...i go to her and tell her that i really really want to blow dry my hair cause i just dont feel good and you know what they say "if you look pretty you feel pretty" she has the nerve to tell me that she just doesnt care and that she just wont...I ask her to watch the baby while i go get my hair done somewhere else(which is like 10min away) and she says that shes sleeping at 3pm because she has to go party at night...In the menawhile evrytime something happens to her this little gal has to go a solve whatever problem she is....ahrrrrrrrrrrrr

I probably have many other screams but these were the ones that were bothering me the most glad to get them off my head....thanks for listening, i believe i might be going insane......lol :);)

Mommy of Arian Alexander

05-03-2003, 07:46 PM
I feel for you! I do! Here's a thought. Could you get MIL to take care of the baby for a couple of hours? Then you would satisfy her need to be with him, and you'd have an hour to get your hair done, or time to do whatever it was you needed to do while your DH should have watched the baby.

Oh and if your Mom doesn't like your choice of husband that's too bad. It's not her choice, she just has to live with it.

05-03-2003, 09:01 PM
i just dont trust her with him....not to say anything bad about MIL but my dh was raised by his godmother you see my MIL was scared of her baby and thought it would be best for someone else to raise him so she left for work at 7am left the baby at 6:30am and even though she got out of work at 4pm she picked up her son at 9pm....i mean she placed cereal on her sons formula at 1 month old to keep him from waking up...plus she doesnt respect the fact that im trying to breastfeed him and the last time i tried to leave my son there she just gave my son all the EBM i gave her in like 2hrs....there was like 6oz there!!!so i dunno about leaving him with her alone its just scary you know what i mean....Even my dh doesnt want me leaving him there.....and if her own son says that, well i have my doubts

Mommy to Arian Alexander

05-03-2003, 09:06 PM
i really shouldnt write in these things everytime im too enthused about something i misspell everything i write.....gosh i should be ashamed of myself...lol :)

05-04-2003, 11:12 AM
You can edit posts afterwards to correct spelling mistakes. I have to do it all the time! :-)

Sorry to hear your MIL is so bad. If so, you can take any child-rearing advice with a grain of salt.

Hope you're feeling better about all this today.

05-04-2003, 01:20 PM
i am feeling much better i just had to get that out of my chest yesterday was a bad bad day....thanks for the support

yeah i know what you mean about the spelling but im just really lazy to edit stuff although i should gosh ......:)

05-05-2003, 09:46 AM
As far as your MIL and mother are concerned just remember these six simple words:

You are NOT on the committee!

05-06-2003, 06:06 AM
When we're around my MIL the words we use are "Oh, that's an idea", which to dh and I means "Like h*ll you (or I) will".

For example:
Her: 'You should put whisky on her gums if she's teething'
Me: 'oh, that's an idea'

The other lines we use are "our ped doesn't recommend that" or "this is what works for us". One blames an authority person and the other points out that we get to do things OUR way. On some occasions we just rotate thru these different responses. Usually after she hears the same one 2 or 3 or 4 times, she'll shut up.

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. I've found after the birth of my girls, that my FRIENDS are who I lean on when I need something. Family members usually have ISSUES that I don't want to deal with....

05-06-2003, 08:01 AM
Yeah it is a real hassel and OMG you use the same lines we do except we use the phrase "your absolutly right we should try that but...." and then just go ahead and blame an authority..Sometimes it doesnt work for us just because she seems to be very extremely opinionated and just seems to think she knows more than the ped. But we dont fight with her(well i dont my hubby is another matter)..I just smile like if i were on the mss america pagent and say THE PHRASE.....lol Bad thing is sometimes i just dont hear the end of so i just change to my second favorite phrase "hummm that sounds interesting...really i didnt know that"....lol :)
Also i get the thing about the issues gosh can you tell my family is somewhat disfunctional!.....;)They are the kings and queens of issues they dont even get along amongst themselves, so my father and I(we call ourselves the watchers) just watch the show everytime their is a family reunion, which is almost never because well the term "fight of the year" comes to mind...We just laugh and laugh at all the bad stares, picking and taunting....It seems we could have and "eye roll" contest at each event....lol But oh well you learn to cope with it but when you have a baby one really doesnt want to deal with it....
On a high note I spoke with my sister yesterday because i had a presentation which needed to be done ASAP (not working right know, but stuff keeps appearing..dont they know im off...lol)and she offered to take care of the baby while i did it...Didnt need it at the moment(baby was sleeping) but oh well at least she offered(miricale that comes once in a comet moon)...:7