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06-28-2003, 03:28 PM
Hello everyone!

I'm so glad to have this forum to vent....without it, I think I might explode! I just returned from the most lovely baby shower thrown by my girlfriends for my girlfriends. Over the years, I have hosted many wedding and baby showers, because I enjoy hosting parties so much and I just like to make people feel special! Anyway, barely half RSVP'd either way and there were several people whom I had hosted showers for who didn't even show up, RSVP, or send any kind of acknowledgement (ie, and e-mail saying "go to hell, shannon!) My head is about to explode with some of my so called "friends" insensitivity. In addition, there were some who came up to me when I would see them out and say, "looking forward to your shower", and then not showing up.

What is wrong with people? Have any of you experienced this?

Mom to Ellen (EDD 7/28/2003)

06-29-2003, 12:16 PM
tell me about it...my baby shower completely sucked...i mean i didnt want any presents i just wanted ppl to enjoy this welcoming with us....arrrghh barely 10 ppl showed and we had invited about 40 i mean at least we wanted half of them to show geeeezzzz i wound up crying all through my shower....

06-29-2003, 02:24 PM
I echo your sentiment of "what's wrong with people!?"

We were lucky to only have a few cases of that with our shower, but with our WEDDING? HELLO!? We had 3 sets no show...it ruined the table seating for one poor set who say by themselves at a table for 8. A simple phone call would have remedied the problem. I am still so mad at those people 4 years later.

Anyway, it's just another case of people being totally self-involved and not even considering how their actions, or lack thereof, affect others.

Sorry you experienced it, too.

06-29-2003, 10:25 PM
So sorry you experienced this for your shower. Makes you feel alone and forgotten in this big world. My 1st baby never had a shower or a single gift from friends or family. Not even a card after she arrived. I lived in Europe and was married to an insensitive loaf, which didn't help things either.

Besides that, not one of the photos taken the first week of her life turned out. I cried a sea of tears until 1 friend arrived from a different part of the country (we lived in Denmark) with her camera and took a roll of pics. Those photos are the only ones I have from her first 4 months of life. This GF has remained my true friend ever since.

I make a point to call new Moms after they deliver and check on them after the first week is over. I know how alone and sad I was with my 1st baby and how much it meant to have someone show they cared. I would have given anything to have someone even make me a cup of tea.

I've been blessed with a better (different) DH, his fabulous family and a new camera since then. Baby #2 was given a surprise baby shower by DH's 7 sisters and 4 SIL's. I cried through the whole thing I was so overwhelmed. My deadbeat family still managed to do as little as possible with the birth of my 2 littls ones, and I've learned that good friends are few and far between.

For the baptisms of my 2 youngest, my family (who lives less than 10 miles away) couldn't manage to make it while DH's family drove more than 2 hours to be here. They brought lunch, video cameras, beautiful gifts and joy to the occasion. We had more than 40 people at the baptisms, only 2 from my side of the family, the rest DHs. I ask myself the same question: what is wrong with these people!?!

I've decided that we bring joy into our own lives and if they choose not to participate, it's their loss. Sad, but their loss.

gina, mom to 3