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07-03-2003, 05:40 AM
I'm not so sure about these late arrival teeth. We were toothless for the first 8 months of Dante's life. And then....

EIGHT teeth have cut through (I'm not even talking about the discomfort pre-arrival, I mean once the little razor edges have sliced through the gums)in just as many weeks. I have a picture of him the day that his first tooth cut and he is wearing the same onesie that he is still wearing now! Each one has been absolute torture. Okay, no, scratch that. Four at once was torture. The rest have just been ugly.

Like others, I just need to vent. Grr......

Paula, Mama to Dante
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07-03-2003, 08:20 AM
It seems Dante and Audrey have decided to do this the same way! We had two come in, then four at one time, and this week, two more showed up together and I think one set of molars are on their way too!!! UGHH!! I feel you pain.
I've had a fussy gus here for what seems like months. ALso, its really disturbed our eating. Audrey had just started to want to eat table food, now, I'm lucky if I get her to drink a bottle. She just hates to eat with all this going on in her mouth.
Luckily, her sleep hasn't been too messed up, but she's been up too early this week.
I know misery loves company, so I thought I would share! :)

07-03-2003, 08:39 AM
OK. Now you guys are really scaring me!!!

I see no sign of any teeth here yet, but Sophie has just started this game of grabbing MY hand and stuffing it in her mouth!


07-03-2003, 10:06 AM
Sister, I'm with you! I'm starting to panic, actually. Abby took seven months to cut her first two teeth, and is MISERABLE these days although no others have come in. Her cold and ear infection are seeming better, but her mouth hurts. She is refusing to eat and isn't sleeping much at all. She wakes every hour or so, cries and moans in her sleep, holds her mouth and says, "Uh oh." On our ped's advice, we gave her a double dose of Motrin, but we still had a rotten night. I'm getting scared. How long can a child go without eating or sleeping? Also, I'm sick that there's such a double standard around pain. Walk into any hospital, and there will be signs everywhere saying that patients have the right to assessment and treatment of their pain. But that's adult patients, I guess. Not true for babies. She's in enough pain to not meet her most basic survival needs, and Motrin is all we have to work with. (It's not working.) There's this attitude like, "Well, it's only teething, and teething is hard, they just have to tough it out." Uh. No adult would stand for pain that made them this miserable. I'm not heavily into drugging my child, but when I see her unable to eat or sleep for ten days at a time, I think a little something isn't a bad idea. It's one thing if she's fussy, but quite another if she can't tolerate food or rest. I'm so upset, partly because I think this could go on for a while. Her gums are red, but they looked like that for weeks and weeks before her first teeth broke through. :(

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Board Baby
07-07-2003, 01:16 AM
Board Baby

My DD used to cut teeth in flocks too. For the most part tylenol helped the pain, I also gave her frozen yogurt tubes which she loved and frozen bagels (cut in half and then 1/4s). These also seemed to help a lot.

Best of luck (it's not forever only seems that way).