View Full Version : Marshall's (strange, but true)

07-15-2000, 09:37 AM
Thought this might be helpful to someone. I was at Marshall's yesterday (discount clothing store chain) and I saw about a dozen bridal gowns hanging in the middle of the store. I have never seen anything like this there, but there they were. They were all marked "first quality" on the tags. Brands represented included Venus, Jasmine, and Eden. All were marked clearance price of $219. Mostly satin gowns with beading/sequines (sp?) on the bodices. Some with pouffy sleeves. Might be someone's cup of tea and be a real bargain. If you have a Marshall's by you, call and see (another smaller Marshall's by me did not have bridal gowns)

**As an aside, they had other gowns in their dress section that looked suspiciously like bridesmaids dresses for $49.99 each

02-28-2002, 12:22 PM
I shop at Marshall's on a regular basis and have never seen bridal gowns in their store. That was great that they had them at the store near you.