View Full Version : YEAH SOLO'S IN KALAMAZOO MI!!!!!!!

08-26-2000, 04:49 PM
I went to the other "bigger" bridal shops in the area.. but little Solo's in Kazoo topped them all.. Linda is the nicest and most helpful person I've worked with in this process!!! In addition, she DOESN'T cut her tags or use some ridiculous code so you can't figure out which dress is designed by whom. Her prices are pretty good too.. I got a discontinued BRAND NEW Bonny dress for cheaper than the same SAMPLE dress (which was supposed to be on sale) at the other stores!! Well, I could have ordered the excat same discontinued derss from the other store, but it would have cost over $900.00, and I got it for much, much cheaper than that.. including the alterations!!! Give them a try if you are on this side of the state!!!

Hope this helps and Congratulations!!