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10-11-2000, 12:31 PM
I wanted to warn brides-to-be about a very frustrating and disappointing experience I had at Bridals by Roma in NJ. I drove 4+ hours to try on various wedding gowns I couldn't find in my immediate area in hopes that I could purchase something that day.

The one good thing about Roma's is that they carry SO many dresses. I am definitely glad I drove all that way so I could try on my favorites. My experience with the sales people was average --neither great nor poor, simply average.

I ended up finding another dress I really loved and was even in my price range. I asked about the designer so I could find a picture to show my mother (reasonable, I think) My intent was ot show her the picture and then proceed with the order. After researching it I found out they LIED to me about who the designer was.

On top of that, Roma's cuts out all dress tags --which I heard was illegal but I'm not a lawyer so I can't confirm what someone else told me.

I called the store to confront them about the designer lie and they told me one story after another until she finally said "no deposit -no information".... VERY difficult people who don't know the meaning of customer service and honesty.
She finally ended up telling me if I didn't like the policy to go elsewhere and then hung up on me!

One tip I wanted to point out with regard to the style numbers at Romas in case people are facing a similar situtation of trying to find out a designer. Some of their numbers do correspond to the designers style numbers. For example, I tried on an Eve of Milady and the first 5 numbers on the tag were M1308 (Eve's style number for that dress is 1308). I also tried on a Diamond Collection by Ada Athanassiou, the tag had A9112 as the beginning of the style number --Diamonds style number is 9112.

Brides beware -shop smart!

02-18-2001, 06:02 PM
I have a relative who lives in New Jersey and had a similiar experience with this store. She was very unhappy also.

Mei Lin