View Full Version : RE: Hey Florida! I FOUND AN HONEST BRIDAL STORE !!

10-20-2000, 07:01 PM
Finally! I thought i would let everyone know that i can't believe there is at least one honest bridal store left in Florida.. They're "Elizabeth Charles Bridals" in West Palm Beach. A sweet retired couple owns it.. and they were forthright and honest on every count. They're tags are in all the dresses.. She admitted to me that she knows many shops take them out but she believes her girls deserve to know what they're buying. She even had a robe in the dressing room to put on over your undergarments if you got cold or had to come out. They treated me with respect and dignity. She doesn't believe in hiring people to gush how each dress is soooo beautiful on you so they can make a commission. They simply went into the business wanting to sell 10 dresses a month. Now they're selling 30. She even told me the secret of preserving her wedding sample gowns.. She puts them inside out and in a launder bag and the washing machine on the gentle cycle with a little bleach and Tide and presto! a new poly gown!!
She's such a trip! I had such a positive experience there.. i don't think i may get my bridal gown there but i may get the rest of my parties outfits and mom's gown there.. and i wanted to make sure they were well known to you.. for your next edition perhaps :-)