View Full Version : Horror House of Brides in IL

11-06-2000, 10:20 PM
I made my first foray into the gown shopping world, and did not have the best experience, at House of Brides in Lombard, IL. I called ahead and set up an appointment, as they told me that "customers with appointments will be helped before those without." I arrived at the time of my appointment with a small group of friends, and waited at the counter for 10 minutes before any salesperson even looked my way, and even then I had to ask before she spoke to me. She told ne to go ahead and look for gowns, save them on the end of a rack, and my assigned saleperson would be with me soon.So, after 40 minutes of browsing, and of dirty looks from clerks for saving too many gowns (what did they expect, after 40 minutes?)some salesperson let me into a dressing room with 3 of my gowns. Then I never saw her again. My friends brought me dresses, offered advice, went to find dresses and veils, put the dresses back, etc. Once or twice a saleslady stopped to answer a question, if we asked one. But then we found out that they couldn't tell us the designers of the dresses until we ordered them! That sounded pretty fishy, and I pretty much decided then and there never to return. They were too busy doing other things to help me, even though for a while I was the only customer in the store.