View Full Version : Flowerama Bridal Plaza

11-20-2000, 01:48 PM
I was hoping someone knew something about the Flowerama Bridal Plazas. I was thinking about going to the one on Myrtle Avenue in Queens, NY or the one located in Macy's department store in Manhasset, LI. Perhaps someone has visited one of these locations and has an experience-be it good or bad-to share? Please let me know if you do...

07-25-2001, 06:27 PM
I visited both stores and would recommend the one in Macy's they were very nice, helpful and educated. The store on Myrtle Avenue was not interested in helping me and knew nothing about designers and said nothing could be changed or added when in Macy's they could! Hope this helps!! Good luck

08-17-2001, 12:41 PM
According to a new Demetrios ad, the Macy's salons are being listed as new "Bride's by DEmetrios" Stores. About 2 days before I saw that ad, I went to the Macy's shop. It was awful.
The woman, who already didn't score any points because she was rude, brought out 11 gowns---all of them ABOVE my stated price range, NONE of them remotely what I said I was looking for, and ALL OF THEM WERE DEMETRIOS GOWNS. They literally had EVERY STYLE demetrios gown available to try on, from what I could see.
so, if you like DEmetrios and want a place to try on a good selection before you buy elsewhere, or want to pay full price at a full service salon, then you might like it at Macy's.