View Full Version : RK Bridal in NYC

11-20-2000, 03:33 PM
I've been looking at bridal gowns on the 'net for months. Even before I was engaged, I'd browse through The Knot's listings as well as Wedding Channel.com's and keep notes on which dresses I liked best. Now that it's finally time to buy my dress, I find myself dreading to go into stores--because I've heard so many horror stories about rude salespeople, tag rippers, etc. I am extremely hesitant to visit bridal salons. However, I did visit RK Bridal in NYC just last weekend and they had a pretty good selection-top name designers and all. The place was pretty packed, it was a Saturday afternoon, but the wait was not long at all. They make you sign a sheet in order for you to use a fitting room, and then advise you to pick up to seven dresses. I'd just finished picking out the dresses I wanted to try on, when they called my name. So it was quick and easy and the women there were polite and helpful. The prices were not all that cheap, but they did mention a number of times that they would match any price lower than their own. So that sounds good to me. They also have bridesmaid dresses but those racks seemed a little more unorganized. Now I'm trying to see which other store I can hit, because I don't feel comfortable limiting myself to just one store. Anyone know of any other good NY bridal stores?

01-28-2001, 12:40 AM
Don't go to Flowerama on the Island. Lack of selection and generally a pain. If you can get out to Westchester, MeMe's in Larchmont (or Mamaroneck?) and Boticelli's in Bronxville are REALLY nice. I ended up deciding between dresses at those two. Boticelli's had decent (fair) prices and they were so nice and helpful. I thought they would only have really expensive dresses but they have some nice ones in the $700-1000 range (mostly from Demetrios). MeMe's is willing to work with you on price (within reason) and, if you get your dress with them, they will give discounts on other extras. Favors I've seen in stores for $4+ and online for $3.75 + shipping they are giving to me for $3 even. They are also SUPER nice and patient.