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11-28-2000, 01:56 AM
Went to the House of Fashion on J Street Sacramento where they were wonderful! (916) 554-7440. The sales lady Yvonne was a delight, picked out great dresses to try on and was very helpful. Yes, she even told us the designers name. Their dresses are mid-price range to pricey, but they carry designer gowns. Found the perfect dress! Would highly recommend them, beautiful salon, has an incredible two story sweeping staircase to make a dramatic presentation to those waiting downstairs. This is a full service bridal store so they do not discount but I would assume it is worth it. Also went to Bridal Mart & Factory Outlet in Rancho Cordova (a suburb of Sacramento). Found many, many dresses there that were very reasonable. You can buy them right off the rack as they carry the dresses in many sizes. They do not carry designer dresses though. Good choice if you are on a budget.

Olivia Chillia
03-12-2001, 06:33 PM
I just bought my dream dress at House of Fashion!

I wanted to do the online thing like my sister did, but a mixup just a couple weeks before the wedding nixed that.

I was able to buy a new sample dress (a Mon Amie, I think) for a reasonable price. Even though we didn't save much, I don't have to worry about whether the dress will reach me in time.

I'm happy to say that Martha, the lady who helped me at House of Fashion was the very picture of no-pressure customer service! She brought out dresses for me to try on until I was satisfied. She very happily told me the designer and the size and even let me browse the racks to be sure we'd covered anything I might be interested in.

I give House of Fashion an A+!

03-30-2001, 06:27 PM
I just went to the House of Fashion and have decided to buy a gown at the shop, even though I haven't picked which gown yet!!!!

After shopping all over the bay area (I live in SF, but grew up in Sacto.), I went to House of Fashion. The bay area stores turned up their nose at my $2500 dress budget (ummm...hello? That's a lot of money, and enough for a coutoure gown!). The bay area shops kept telling me that my insistence on natural silk satin was "where I would run into budget problems". They refused to bring me dresses any significant amount over my budget that I brought pics of, even though I was open to going over my budget for the perfect dress. They also didn't bring me dresses I had pictures of that were below my budget. Basically, they wanted to make sure I could buy all the dresses I tried on, but wanted to up sell me. Every dress was $2400-2800. And I didn't even get to look at the gowns! They chose them from the back (Bridal Galleria and Unique Bride), and I felt very rushed, even though I went during the week, off hours, and had appointments.

So, I went to House of Fashions in Sac. I fell in love with 2 dresses there, plus I still had in mind one I liked in SF. THe lady who helped me, Kathleen, told me that between the 2 dresses there I liked, she thought the Nancy Issler was better than the Diamond for my wedding. It was $1000 cheaper, too!!! She wasn't trying to up-sell me, she really wanted me to get the best dress. She spent 2 hours with me and my mom!!! I adore that shop. THEN, I was down between the Issler and a gown I loved in SF, a Givenchy for $2800. I knew I wanted one of these 2 dresses, but how could I tell which when I couldn't try them on together. House of Fashion offered to order me the sample of the Givenchy if I put down a deposit of $300. I can try on both dresses in one shop, and regardless of what dress I choose, the $300 goes toward whatever dress I choose! The shop is soooo awesome, I will refer everyone there!!!


03-30-2001, 06:29 PM
The Givenchy dress *is* $2800-- over my budget, but I am willing to spend it if it looks better. SF bridal shops lost a big sell.


04-13-2001, 01:40 PM
I really liked shopping at House of Fashion. I become more and more impressed with it the more I shop at other salons. First of all, they have nearly every dress ever created there. All the tags are in the gowns, the prices are clearly marked, AND they let you take pictures of yourself in the gown! If you forget your camera, they'll sell you a disposable one!

One caveat: be prepared to dig and dig through racks of tightly packed dresses. Have a good idea what you want to try on. At first it was overwhelming trying to figure out what I wanted through the plastic bags, but pretty soon I was having a ball. They will not kick you out in an hour like some places I've been, nor will they charge for subsequent visits. They are also the only place I've been so far that has a clip to hold the dress in case it won't zip. Others may pin the bottom of the waistline to your bra, but the top gaps open. Just a small thing, but I really appreciated it because it allows you to see the gown as it should be.

04-18-2001, 06:41 PM
Nice to see this. I am shopping form My August 18, 2001 wedding ( I know I am not leaving much time) and I have been to this shop. They do seem very helpful. I met with Mahine. How were alterations for you there? Take Care.

05-04-2001, 10:28 AM
Just as a follow-up...

I also recommend this shop for your bridesmaid dresses. They have a large selection, and their prices are terrific. We've been unable to beat their price on my Maid of Honor's gown anywhere, except for one online discounter -- and that was only by about $20, which would hardly cover shipping and make the risk worthwhile.

I also loved the fact that we came in with a huge stack of magazine photos that we'd cut out over the previous months, and the sales woman took them from us and went through their entire collection to find each and every one they carried. This on a busy Saturday morning! When she couldn't find one particular one we were especially wanting to see, she called in two other sales women and they scoured the store until they turned it up in another dressing room.

They also have designer catalogs that you can take home with you.

Add that to the fact that they clearly label their gowns with designer and style number and they let you take pictures on their beautiful staircase, and I think House of Fashion is the big winner among all the bridal salons I've been to. Well worth the trip from the Bay Area! And, even though my Maid of Honor lives in Burbank, we'll be ordering her dress from them!