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01-17-2001, 09:45 PM
With a mission to spend under $1000 on my wedding dress, I went visited at least five bridal stores in the suburban Maryland area. I was so disappointed. I found the staff to rude to other customers (who wanted to resell their dresses), dressing room curtains not fully closed while I was changing, managers who freaked out when I tried to sketch a dress so I could remember it (no pens allowed)...on and on. One store owner was smoking outside as I was walking in for my appointment, I had to grin and bear (bare) it as she helped me.

After all of this frustration and high prices, I decided to stop by David's Bridal. It was a THURSDAY night (much different than a weekend experience I am sure). I was afraid of what I was in for, but it couldn't get much worse...but thankfully it only got better! I had a wonderful, funny and warm sales woman. I tried on several dresses and happened to take one off the $99 rack. When I tried that one on I just fell in love with it! I couldn't believe it was soooo inexpensive! You can't buy the fabric for that much money. Obviously I ditched my prior first choice ($990)and saved myself a whole lot of money. Try out David's on a weekday and maybe you will have great luck too!

01-26-2001, 09:03 AM
I'm sorry to hear you had such a hard time. I too looked around suburban Maryland for dresses. I did encounter a lot of the same problems you did. I did however find a wonderful shop. Did you happen to visit Distinctive Designs in Gaithersburg? They were so wonderful to me. The salespeople were young and friendly without being pushy. They were honest too and told me when a dress didn't look good on me. My dress came in 3 months.I was just wondering if you had any expereinces with them.