View Full Version : HORRIBLE service at La Reine on Newbury St!

02-05-2001, 01:05 PM
Ugly ugly ugly!

Don't go to La Reine on Newbury St, Boston! This is by far the worst bridal shop on Newbury St I've ever visited.

First they kept me waiting for 30 minutes (while the appt was only for an hour). I've only tried on 3 gowns, and a middle-aged woman took over and started saying, "so you've already tried on 6 or 7 gowns...?" What on earth!!????!

I requested to try another one on, which was 15% above the budget I told them. Then the woman said, "no, it's above your budget" and ignored me. I said it's only a little over and it's pretty. She then said she doesn't like brides trying on too many things (a 4th one is too many???) because of wear and tear. "Plus," she added again, "it's over your budget", at which point I was furious and just took off.

I believe they either (a) believed I couldn't afford a dress on Newbury St or (b) wanted to drive me out because the time is up -- and why? Because they started me 30 minutes late!

And they're one of those dishonest ones who cut off manufacturers' tags which is illegal.

05-07-2001, 01:32 PM
I, too, was not pleased with the service at La Reine. They were the first shop I looked in. My fiance was with me the first time, I had just wanted to look and get a feel of prices and dress styles available, so we dropped in. First, I was not allowed to even look at the dresses they had hanging, the salesperson in charge did not offer to take my information for an appointment, or to suggest I come back. My fiance suggested that her clientele is (1) more affluent (not that I couldn't afford a dress there) and (2) much younger (I am 33) and the bride who had an appt was in her early 20s as were the women who arrived after we did; the saleswoman offered to take their information. I was ignored. We left, never to return!

12-10-2001, 11:46 AM
I wouldn't say that the service was "horrible" at La Reine. The woman I met with was very nice. I just found it strange that I was only allowed to try on 4 dresses. And I was in-and-out in about 30 minutes. How am I supposed to get a feel for a dress if I'm only allowed to spend 30 seconds in it? And I'm only allowed to try on 4 dresses? That's like trying to buy a new lipstick, and only being allowed to try on three shades and being told that if I want to try on more, I have to make another appointment! Given how much their dresses cost, you'd think they'd allow us more time to think about each dress and try on more than 4!

I was also disappointed by their limited selection. Not very many dresses in the Newbury St. location (they said they have over 700 dresses at the Brookline boutique).

And they rip tags and won't tell you who the designer is. If I'm spending this much money, you'd better believe I want to know who designed my dress!

05-07-2002, 03:21 PM
everything was fine for me with la reine until a) my dress arrived a bout week before my wedding (after calling and calling and calling about it - they told me the designer forgot to make it...but if they had checked when i called....) b) the seamstress was unpleasant and insinuated i was high maintenance and had problems (neither of which is true) and c) i got my dress the day i left for my wedding and it still did not fit me the way i wanted $350 dollars in alterations, plus the close to to 2,000$ i spent on the dress. d) they never apologized.
my dress was beautiful, no denying that - but did not fit me the way *i* wanted - & there was no time to alter it, the service was lousy and demeaning( i cried after just about every visit there, in the end & i cried driving home with the dress.)i got married a while ago - but this troubles me and i wouldn't want anyone to suffer or not enjoy the process.
you know if you can - go somewhere else. try on lots of dresses even the ones you don't think will look good on you and have fun. it's possible to do this - i wish i could have. in the end of ends though, your partner & your life togther is what matters...keep that in mind if something like this happens to you. happy day to you!

05-22-2002, 12:50 PM
I have to agree with the postings regarding bad service at La Reine. Not only do they rip their tags, they also won't let me browse through their gowns, and keep insisting that I should only try on gowns within my budget.

The middle age lady (who is the owner of the place), was very unpleasant... she had a sour look when I was trying on the gowns. At the end of my appointment, she insinuated that my price range was simply too low for the good quality gowns at La Reine (after I told her that I didn't find the right dress among the dresses that they "allow" me to try on)! I couldn't believe what I heard because I've done my research and know for sure that I should be able to find good quality dresses within my price range ($800-$1500)!!!

Anyhow, there is no use to get upset. Just stay away from this place. There are plenty of good bridal stores in the Boston area... you can certainly avoid unpleasant and rude treatment from La Reine. For those of you who don't know, there is another La Reine store in Brookline, I've never been there, but it's owned by the same owner.

06-03-2003, 08:39 PM

There's a La Reine in a not-so-great area of Waltham in a (clearly)former funeral home (one has to enter via the carport). Any relation?