View Full Version : Barbie's Unique Fashions

02-05-2001, 03:18 PM
I just want to warn everyone who lives in the NYC area to avoid Barbie's Unique Fashions on 86 Street in Brooklyn. I went there and tried on a dress that I loved and was very happy when I found that the tag was still in the dress. So I wrote down the designer and style number. Well, I was able to track down a picture of the dress on the internet and was very surprised to see that the dress was a little different. So I went to RK Bridal in Manhattan (wonderful place) and found the dress-----and it was a different dress. What Barbie's did was knock off the original and try to pass it off as designer---FOR MORE MONEY!!!
After all this happened I then found out that a friend of a friend is suing the place for destroying her dress during alterations.
My best advice is to avoid the place at all costs.