View Full Version : La Reine on Newbury St. (Boston) is a Gem!

02-09-2001, 05:26 PM
I highly recommend La Reine on Newbury St. in Boston. I live in NYC but was raised near Boston and am getting married there. I spent many weeks shopping here in NYC and found many "nice" dresses but nothing that was what I had imagined my wedding dress to be. In addition, the prices of the bridal salons in NYC are OUTRAGEOUS! I went to Boston & shopped the bridal shops on Newbury. After many, many dresses and only one (remote) possibility I arrived at La Reine. They squeezed us in and it was a blessing. The owner's assistant talked to me about what I wanted, didnt want, stc. She brought me six gowns all similar to what I had told her about, all with a little twist to my description of my "perfect" gown. I found my dream dress. A beautiful hand made gown that is makes me feel how I always pictured myself feeling in my wedding dress and at an EXCELLENT price. The salon's owner is a God-sent, too. Since my dress is being hand made and wont be finished until July, the owner has graciously welcomed me back several times to try and match jewlery, shoes, headpieces, etc. to the floor sample of my dress that they have. The staff at La Reine is better than I experienced in NYC or at "the" Boston salons. Please visit.......

05-07-2002, 03:03 PM
maybe this person had better experiences than i did, but i went thru the same process with la reine - had a beautiful dress made - which arrived extremly late and i did not get my dress until 3 days b4 i was married, the very day i was leaving town. the dress was not altered to my satisfaction and their seamstress was RUDE beyond belief. this was THE MOST upsetting experience related to my wedding. I'd be less upset if i had not called many times before the dress finally arrived one week b4 my wedding.
IF you go to la reine CALL CALL CALL. keep track of where your dress is an have them gaurentee you'll get it by a certain time frame. also the boston store is not the same as the brookline location.