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04-03-2001, 03:46 PM
After hitting nearly all the area bridal shops, I think I'd like to design my own gown. Are there any DC brides out there who have any recommendations as to good dressmakers in Washington or Northern Virginia? Any suggestions would be great, Thanks.

03-27-2002, 12:12 PM
Hi there! I also went the custom design dress route. I got my recommendations from fabric shop owners. I recommend you call or visit Fabrics Unlimited: 50 15 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA (703) 671-0324. I visited the store to ask about a dressmaker and the woman literally took a full rolodex and found dressmakers most convenient to my area. She gave me two names and told me their seamstress backgrounds. She won't recommend anyone whose work she's not familiar with.

A note about getting a custom made dress: If you want the dress to have embroidery and/or beading you are better off buying your dress. Embroidery and beading can take weeks if not months and will raise the dressmaker's fees considerably if she takes the job at all. And call as early as possible. All the dressmakers I called were busy. One dressmaker was busy doing 11 bridesmaids dresses along with confirmation, graduation, prom, and flower girl dresses. She told me that my dress is the last bridal dress she'll do for this year because of her workload. Mind you it's only the end of March.
Also get an idea what kind of fabric you want your dress to be made in. Some dressmakers are picky about what materials they work with. One told me that she works only with silk.

Hope this helps and good luck!