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04-18-2001, 10:13 PM
anyone have a suggestion for a great dress shop in denver metro area. mid price range. wedding is sept. 2nd of this year and i haven't even begun to look! help!

Tim's Girl
05-07-2001, 09:19 PM
Hi there!
I didn't go to many dress shops in Denver because I found the perfect dress at David's Bridal, but I do have a store NOT to go to. Bride's Boutique on Iliff in Aurora is HORRIBLE!!! The ladies are rude and completely useless. They told me they had a particular Maggie Sottero Dress in stock so I waited until my mom flew in from CA and we went to look at it. The lady behind the counter was rude from the get go. She refused to leave the counter and instead non-chalantly pointed towards a wall when I asked to see the dress. When I couldn't find it I asked her where it was and she sid they haven't carried it for 8 months (I had called 4 days earlier) I explained that I had just been told that the dress was on the rack by a salesperson and she simply said, "Well, that happens." Then she wouldn't let me use the phone to call another Maggie Sottero designer in town to see if they had it. Just completely unhelpful! Sorry - I know you wanted help, and all I had was a negative story. I did think David's in Park Meadows was excellent! Good luck!

Affordable Dreams
06-10-2001, 03:21 PM
Great wedding date! I got married on the same date in '95. Have you narrowed down your dress selection? If so send me the information and I give you a no obligation/pressure quote. We can also get your maids, Moms and Flower Girl Dresses.
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Diana Protopapa
06-20-2001, 01:27 PM
I bought my dress at Mariel, on Larimer Square, next to Starbucks and across the street from Josephinas. It's a great little dress boutique, quite unknown, actually. If you're looking for something extremely formal, this is not the place but they have great vintage and unique dresses, some rather fancy and some simple. Anyway, the service was good, no one pushy and the prices are VERY REASONABLE! Check it out!

By the way, have you found a photographer yet? I'm looking for a reasonably priced one.

06-20-2001, 04:02 PM
hi back...

thank you for the suggestion. i actually found my dress already (2 of them, for crying out loud!) in seattle, but purchased it from bridalmarketplace.com just this week. fingers crossed that it shows up.....new.

we got everett stout with creative focus months and months ago. the wedding is sept. 2nd...so we'll see how he does. i have a girlfriend who does freelance work (really inexpensive) and is trying to get her feet wet, so if you're looking for an "experiment", i'd highly advocate her.

just depends on what your budget is. beth photography is "up there" $$$, but she does great work...as does walkabout.
make sure you get your negatives with your deal though.

good luck...and thanks again!