View Full Version : Don't shop at Princess Bridal in Salem, Oregon!

06-20-2001, 12:55 PM
Just wanted to let all brides know that Princess Bridal in Salem, Oregon is NOT a business to be trusted. The owner there lied to us repeatedly about the status of my sister's bridesmaid dress order and when I finally contacted the company directly, it turned out she owed them a ton of money and they weren't shipping ANYTHING to her anymore (this despite the fact she had taken our deposit from us and given us a timeline for when to expect the dresses).

After a lengthy saga of many ups and downs, we have finally had to give up on the dresses and just ask the 6 bridesmaids to find a long, black dress on their own (not only had the shop owner lied to us about everything from the beginning, but she had also screwed up the order and only ordered four instead of six dresses -- the four dresses might make it in time if we transfer the order to another shop, but the remaining two will never get here before the wedding, which is in less than two weeks!).

The shop owner has been overly charming ever since we met her and is NOT TO BE TRUSTED. She doesn't return phone calls, makes up excuses that are later proven untrue, and hasn't apologized for a darn thing (which is what really upsets me the most, to be honest).

If you want good service in Salem, go anywhere BUT Princess Bridal (which is located on Liberty St. in downtown Salem).

Hope this saves someone from the agony and stress my sister has just been put through! Good luck, ladies!

--Meg Wood
Seattle, WA