View Full Version : seeking reliable bridal gown shop in San Francisco area

07-03-2001, 07:46 PM
I'm planning a wedding in the San Francisco Bay Area for March 2002 and would welcome any suggestions for reliable places to shop for a wedding gown. I'm hoping to keep the entire ensemble under $1000. Also taking suggestions for places NOT to go. Thanks!

07-21-2001, 12:20 AM
I live in Berkeley now. I found my dream dress from a designer in Paris and went to Southern California to pick it up, so I can't recommend a specific store in the Bay Area, but here are some tips:

- Only go to Bridal Galleria on Van Ness as a "test run" for other bridal shops. They don't let you browse racks, their customer service is mediocre at best, and they want personal information up front before you've placed an order. Don't know their prices, but given the rent on Van Ness, I'm sure it's outrageous. What was helpful to me, however, was trying on totally different styles of dresses from poufy to elegant, just to see what I liked - but you could do this anywhere.

- Many people have recommended the Jessica McClintock outlet which used to be on Maiden Lane and is now South of Market. Don't know the address. My matron of honor got her bridal gown there in 1997 for $42 (this is not a typo). She saw it in the window and went in to grab it at lunch.

- There are many bridal outlets South of Market which you could look up in the SF yellow pages, and which might be worth setting aside a day to browse. If you work in the area, check them out one by one at lunch time to avoid the weekend rush. Can't vouch for their quality or customer service, but I'm sure you could find something helpful.

- Check out a post further down this board about Bay Area shops. One woman got her dress in San Jose at a place she really liked. If it saves you a fortune in money and stress, it could be worth the drive.


08-17-2001, 11:09 AM
Hi, I live in Oakland. I traveled to Sacramento to search for a dress -- it's only an hour and a half away. I've heard great things about The House of Fashion, but their prices were a little steep.

(BTW: I'm having my wedding in March 2002 too and have the same budget for a dress.)

I found my dress at Bridal Mart in Sacramento. The customer service was satisfactory and they don't tear out the tags anymore. I found a Mori Lee gown for $300.

They have a alterations store next door that is probably contracted. The prices for alterations are really high. They want to charge me $180 to alter beaded sleeves and $120 to shorten the length. I suggest finding a seamstress in the Bay.