View Full Version : David's Bridal - St. Peter's, MO - Bad Experience

07-15-2001, 09:59 PM
I went to David's Bridal in St. Peter's, MO after I had visited another store. The first store I visited (Robin's Bridal) was excellent, I found a dress I really liked, but the saleswoman encouraged me to look elsewhere to make sure I had found the one. I then decided to visit David's. The first thing that bothered me was, when I called to ask about hours, I was told that since I was going on a Sunday, if I wanted anyone to wait on me I would need an appointment. I made the appointment and when I arrived I was told to look through the gowns while I waited for the consultant. As my mom and I looked through the gowns, we didn't see anything to my liking. When the consultant came over to me she began to insist that she would find a gown I would like. After showing me several gowns with designs I told her I did not like, I began to get frustrated. I suggested that I continue to look, while she could wait on someone else. She continued to insist that it was her job to help me find the perfect dress. I then decided not to try on any gowns and leave. She got very pushy, in my face, and told me if I would just try on some gowns I would be sure to find the one of my dreams. I again stated that I was leaving the store and she began to follow me out, saying you aren't going to find the dress of your dreams, you need to try more on and then she said what about bridesmaid dresses, I can help you with those. My mom and I practically ran to the car and couldn't get out of there fast enough. Needless to say I will tell all brides to be that I know of not to go to David's and I will be taking my business back to Robin's Bridal. Thanks for giving me a chance to complain.

07-23-2001, 11:24 AM
I also had a terrible experience at David's in Sunrise, FL. The sales girl assigned to me was no where to be seen until I took a dress into the dressing room. The curtains didnt close and she kept opening what little was covering me. Their dresses were poorly constructed and stained. I was told if I wanted a dress that I would have to take the one I tried on and that they wouldnt order me a new dress that had not been tried on. I was happy to get out of there.