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08-18-2001, 01:53 PM
Here in NYC, we have a local news affiliate who does a consumer protection segment. Last Monday, they featured a bride getting married in 2 weeks(!), and the bridal shop had closed(she went to the store to pick up the dress, since phone calls were useless, and they said "come back tomorrow, and you can pick up your dress)--next day,she found a locked door, with a sign that said "we're out of business, orders are handled by the store across the street"---so she goes across the street and that store refuses to help her. They were on camera, with the newswoman totally in her face, and basically said, "its being taken care of, but even if its not, it isn't our problem"--the owner/manager of the shop refused to be on camera and refused to even address the problem, (I wish I would remember these shop names, but I can't) Even after being so humiliated, they still a week later, had not returned the bride's phone calls or even attempted to address the issue
Anyway, long story short, a man out on Long Island saw the clip on TV,. He contacted Lillette's Bridal in Long Island, who were able to get the dress in only a couple of days, and (here's the amazing part) the man & his wife, both total strangers to the bride,volunteered to PAY FOR THE NEW GOWN, as well as her headpiece, veil, and shoes. He said he did it because he couldn't bear to see a bride so sad right before her wedding, and because he felt someone needed to do what was right.
a happy ending.:)

01-10-2002, 05:25 PM
A friend of mine called me today to tell me she found out last night that Saymel's in Astoria, NY has gone bankrupt. Her gown, headpiece, vail and deposits made on bridesmaid dresses and two mom dresses are all gone! She called their lawyer and he told her she is preety much out of luck. she immmediately ordered the same gown from RK bridal in NYC and they were very willing to help her and sympathetic. they promised her she will have her gown by her June wedding. However, we know of brides from that store that do not have enough time to reorder or $ to buy again. I hope everything works out with all the bride's of Saymel's. I just thought maybe this was the store you were talking about. She also called the newspaper and eyewitness news to see if anyone could help.
good luck everyone!