View Full Version : Kleinfeld is helping Saymel brides!

01-23-2002, 11:24 PM
I was recently at Kleinfeld helping my best friend choose her wedding dress. While we were there, there was a news crew (I think it was Good Morning America) interviewing the owners of Kleinfeld about the whole Saymel nightmare, the bridal salon in Queens which filed for bankruptcy, and left many brides without their wedding dresses.

There were a couple of Saymel brides at Kleinfeld, looking for new wedding dresses, since most of the dresses they ordered from Saymel were either locked in the store or were never ordered. I was completely impressed with the manner in which the Kleinfeld staff took these brides under their wing. The owners, consultants, everyone worked together to get the brides dresses in time for their upcoming weddings. The level of service they provided to these brides (and to my best friend, who in the end chose a beautiful Reem Acra gown) was excellent.

I would recommend every bride-to-be go to Kleinfeld. They have the best service and selection by far!!!