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10-28-2002, 05:09 PM
Was discusted by the way I was treated at RK Bridal this weekend! I have been there several times and found the assistants v helpful......however when I came to order found the owner very rude. Because I live in Jersey I explained that I would like to have my details and measurements taken so that I could call up as soon as I got paid and have my credit card processed (is difficult to come into the city). I was treated like a thief! She demanded I explain exactly WHY I wasn't putting any money down, and still expecting to be measured. When she finally did measure me, she would not tell me what size I was and even wrote down the wrong color! When I pointed out that the dress was NOT ivory, she refused to even acknowlege me. I know from my internet research that the dress is available in 3 different color combinations NONE of which include ivory! Needless to say they have lost a customer. x(

06-03-2003, 09:18 PM
I am soooo with you. They treated my sister (my Maid of Honour) and I so badly. We were trying on Bridesmaid dresses and using a room for awhile, and they basically asked us to hurry up. (In a VERY RUDE WAY...the manager even came over-uggh!)
The story is too detailed, but I was so angry because they had plenty of fitting rooms not being used. I told them I had six Bridesmaids, and they lost my business. They should know better then to treat potential customers like that. It was so WRONG! Good luck finding a gown!!! Everything happens for a reason.