View Full Version : Was this a bait and switch? I wonder...

Community Chest
10-30-2002, 12:58 AM
When I was still seeking a bridal gown, I found this one particular gown I fell in love with.

Everywhere I went did not have this gown. I did have the pic I took from a magazine.

Finally, I visit the "M" department store. "YES! We have that gown...stop in on Wednesday and you can try it on. We will call our warehouse and have it shipped here just for you!"

Wednesday couldn't come fast enough! I was like a kid at Christmas. I get to the place and they bring out the gown.

Guess what: COMPLETELY unlike the picture. This one had a flounce on the bottom (I hate flounces) and the lace on it was different.

"This isn't the gown in the picture," I said.

"Oh. It isn't?" FOOL! anyone can see even while it was in the freaking bag!

A week later they called "Sorry, the gown was discontinued..." Thanks for nothing.

11-06-2002, 12:05 AM
I've had similar problems. I took picture from magazines and printed out pictures from designers' websites. I spent days doing research on the web. I've read the book, so I knew what to expect. I thought I was prepared. I went to a bridal shop in Chicago (a very well known shop) and showed the rep the pictures and told her that I wanted to see those dresses first. I gave her ten pictures. She was only able to find one in their stock. And the one she did find was not even the correct dress. The dress in the picture was a satin a-line gown with very little beading. The dress she showed me was a white tulle ball gown with lace everywhere. The dresses did not even look remotely alike. I could not believe she tried to convince me that was the dress in the picture. She said that the picture was low quality and made the fabric look different. So she said she'd bring other gowns they have in similar styles (now that she knew what I was looking for she said). The gown in the picture I brought had a retail price of $600. All the gowns she showed me in similar styles were in the $1500 prince range. Hmm...bait and switch?