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11-30-2002, 06:07 PM
I am getting married in one month and had a very hard time finding a wedding dress that was priced under $600.00 and one that fit me (I am a size 0). I went to David's Bridal and was surprised to find that the smallest size they offered was a size 2 (which I was still swimming in). The gal who helped me said I could order a size 2 and then they could try and fit the dress to a 0. I was unhappy with spending so much on a dress and then having it not fit right. Discouraged I went to a local mall in Santa Ana, California to see if I could just find a white dress ore something. I passed by a children's christening shop called "MOA" and went in as a last resort. Well, I ended up finding a dress that fit perfectly (even on my hips), (a girls size 14) and only spending $60.00 on the dress. The dress is made by MOA and it looks alot like the wedding dresses I wanted to try on at David's Bridal. If you are a petite woman in need of a dress, I suggest trying this, it sure beats spending a fortune for a dress that may not fit.