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01-07-2003, 10:24 PM
It seems to me that the problem with most stores is the consultant you get stuck with - that person can either make or break you. It may not be the store itself, but I've had enough BS for a while. First, I went to Park Avenue Bridals in Verona. A co-worker had suggested I go b/c she had a lot of luck there. I had known that they cut the tags out of the dresses, which I don't exactly agree with but went anyways. So I go and get stuck with Jasmine, who was nice at first (although I got a funny feeling about her)... and by the end, must have hated me. There was nothing in the store that I, personally, was looking for. She first had the nerve to tell me that the style I want is all in my head... that I need to be open-minded. Little did she know that I had already TRIED on half the dresses in her store elsewhere. So then it seems that she took it personally that every dress I tried on, I wanted to change something on it. They were bringing in dresses with sleeves, even tho I wanted strapless and telling me to imagine it without because it's "custom made to you"... but they didn't mention that taking off sleeves would cost at MINIMUM close to $300. She stopped talking after a while and after trying on most of the dresses in the room said, "Do you really want to try this one?!" as if to rush me. The ONE decent dress we found, my mom asked about the designer. No comment from Jasmine - she just stared at the floor. My friend tried to look at the tag, and as she did ... Jasmine came back in the room and swiped all the dresses off the rack in a hurry as if we were breaking some sacred rule. It was definitely the worst feeling i've ever gotten from a dress store in the good handfull i've tried!

Second, I ordered my BM dresses from a trunk show at Priscilla of Boston in Short Hills, NJ. They took everyone's credit card and didn't offer a receipt because they were too busy to put everything into the computer. "If we wanted to wait an hour, they would enter everyone's CC info and get us the receipts". So, I took a hand written one as a substitute. My consultant (joanne) wasn't the nicest and most informative of all people as she forgot to mention that there will be an extra length fee for those she was convinced needed it. NOW, I cannot get her to answer where my color swatches are - she was SUPPOSED to call me back today and did I get a call? Nope. Of course not - She was like : "I don't know where they are" . . and I mentioned that it was funny because I contacted the BM dress company about 3 weeks ago and even then they had said that they sent them!! I called the other consultants and they cannot tell me anything either - that the best they can do is leave a message with my "consultant". Great - thanks alot. BEWARE OF PSYCHO CONSULTANTS!

Community Chest
01-29-2003, 09:22 PM
Group USA in Secaucus was just as bad. The numbnertz salesperson in there was trying to sell a couple a second FG gown so sleeves could be added!

"We can't get extra fabric; we'd have to go to the Orient and it's difficult to do..." was her "reason."

These "CON-sultants" are all alike: they will do anything to get your money and once they have it? another story!

Have you noticed that the higher end the shop, the worse the CONsultants treat you?

06-25-2003, 11:52 PM
Hi! I went to Park Avenue also and the girl I got was named Janet. She was pretty okay but they all seem a bit fake to me. She told me who the designer was for the dress I was interested in. I was very surprised. But from what I understand, they either make new style #'s for the dresses or write the numbers backwards. I copied down the style # from the dress I loved when I was there and found out that it wasn't the correct # because I called the manufacturer. So now I'm in search of the correct style # that goes with this dress. Hopefully the manufacturer will come through for me.

Good luck in your search. Try the Bridal Suite in Ridgewood on Ridgewood Avenue. Speak to the owner Angela. My experience there was pretty good, unfortunately they didn't carry the dress I love.

10-22-2003, 04:34 PM
Oh my goodness! I had just created my account today to be able to view and post messages and today I was going to make an appointment at Park Avenue Bridals in Verona, the very same store! I guess that's not happening anymore, thanks for the info. So were you able to find nearby shops with good service and good prices?


Community Chest
10-27-2003, 10:35 PM
They're on Danforth Ave; Reba's/Heather's is also good and reputable, also.