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02-06-2003, 04:01 PM
I also had a miserable experience at this store. I went in and explained that I wanted a a straight dress (vs. poufy or multi-layered.) the elderly saleswoman told me that I wouldn't look good in that style because I was "too heavy in the hips and too bosom-y." What she failed to recognize is that puffy dresses will only emphasize big hips.
She then said, "So one of your goals is to minimize?" (I would like to note that I am in between a dress size 10 and 12.) The saleswoman also repeatedly swung open the curtains of the dressing room to help another customer, exposing me to people in the store. She gave me a strapless bra that was too large on me and then told me that I should consider a beaded empire-waisted dress even though I initially said, "I don't want empire-waisted or beaded." If you do go there, avoid elderly saleswomen!

Community Chest
03-01-2003, 10:24 PM
I never looked in that shop when I was gown shopping. The whole place seemed too hoity toity and snooty to me.

Try on the sheath gown. I had a coworker who was overweight and she looked fabulous in sheath type gowns. :)

06-25-2003, 11:36 PM
Hello! I went to this salon last week and had a pleasant experience. However, when I called back this salon the following week to inquire if they had a particular dress I had tried on in another salon, they seemed a bit hesitant in giving me any information especially the price. She told me she would call me back with a price. She did call me back but didn't give me any pricing and just told me to come into the salon and immediately get fitted for the dress. Like I would go there without knowing much I was paying for the dress. It just was so sneaky. Needless to say, I won't be going there to get my dress. If they're being sneaky in the beginning stages I hate to imagine what they would be like throughout the waiting and fitting stages. Good Luck.

PS: if you live in the Bergen County area there's a new salon that just opened up in Ridgewood called The Bridal Suite right on Ridgewood Avenue. They were very nice and accomodating there. Unfortunately I found another dress I loved but they don't carry the designer.

Thanks! :)