View Full Version : Bridal Shops in Atlanta, GA or Cleveland, OH

03-02-2003, 06:53 PM
I am looking for a reasonably priced dress ($600-$800) from a reputable shop in either Atlanta, GA or Cleveland, OH. (I live in one place, the weddings in another--pray for me!)

Thanks : )

03-10-2003, 04:08 PM
I recommend New Natalie's Bridal in Atlanta. I haven't gotten my dress yet, but they've been extremely responsive and great to work with so far. I'm working with them long distance (from DC) so my only contact has been via phone and email, but I'm very comfortable with their service. I found them on the Web--they were the only store I could find that carried a small vendor whose dress I wanted to order. I had a bad experience with Mon Amie in California, where I found the dress, and refused to order it from them! The bonus--New Natalie's price was $500 cheaper! From what I can tell, they have a big selection at great prices. Check out their Web site: www.newnataliesbridals.com.

I can also sympathize with you planning long distance--I live in DC and am having my wedding in California!

05-19-2003, 09:13 PM
I was in the store, New Natalies, just this weekend. They were rude! They actually argued with us when we said we were just looking. Then the man told my sister she was a "child bride" and too young to get married. The dresses are stored wharehouse style and you are only allowed to try on 5 dresses a day, but please feel free to come back tomorrow. We were from out of town. They will only allow the bride back in the dressing area (my sister is shy and hates this policy) and they bring them out to a row of benches with a small stage (also the waiting area for them to call you back to the dressing area). No one but the attendant and bride are allowed on the stage area....no one else touches the dress...please don't open the bags...please don't touch the veils..etc. I realize they wish to sell off the rack as well but how are we to tell quality if we can not touch, examine, or even get much closer than a foot away from the dress. The store itself is old and musty and nothing smelled too good in there. They may have decent prices, but the experience in the store was horrible!

06-12-2003, 07:25 PM
Honey you should buy in Atlanta! I live in Cleveland and looked at several shops, all on the West Side. So I guess I am only half qualified to comment, I don't know what the East Side is like. The place where I bought by dress tried to rip me off on the alterations (long story for another post). My shopping experience started with a list from the yellow pages of shops in the area. Three had already gone out of business since the yellow pages was printed. Two featured dresses that were YEARS old. And the last one was so snobby they didn't even greet us for 15 whole minutes, despite the fact it was a very small boutique. In fact they never greeted us because we left after those 15 minutes. So unless you want to chance it on the East Side, I say look in Atlanta, it's a big city and probably has more to offer.