View Full Version : One Night Affair in LA-Should I Trust Them??

04-20-2003, 01:24 PM

I live in LA. A couple of months ago, someone mentioned that One Night Affair rented designer wedding dresses for low prices. I went to the store, tried on a few dresses and put a deposit down for one. It is a beautiful dress, but the service at the store was poor. I was left to my own devices to wander through the hundreds of dresses there with little help. Occasionally, the woman working there would bring me a dress. When I needed to ask her a question, it took twenty minutes before she would come over. Also, I was kept waiting forty five minutes past my initial appointment time before anyone even helped me.

I am now getting worried that I should perhaps look elsewhere. Basically, I need a lot of alteration on this dress, and based on the service there, I just don't know if I should trust them. Also, a bride was there, trying on her dress that had been altered-the seamstress had not matched the right cloth to the dress for something she had added-the bride was very frustrated because the seamstress was not communicating with her, and apparently does not speak English well. This is the impression I got as well when I tried to communicate with her as well. It is only April 20, and my wedding is July 6, so I have time to change my mind...I wanted to know if anyone has ever visited this store or got a dress from them, and how they found the overall experience and the quality of the alterations.

Thanks so much!!
-Sara :0