View Full Version : Nathans should be blacklisted

05-19-2003, 09:03 PM
There is a store in Decatur, Alabama that should be wiped off the map. When I was getting married 5 yrs ago, I was treated rudely...don't touch the dresses, no your mother can not help you try the on, are you sure your even engaged, and more. This year my sister is getting married. Against my advice she went to Nathan's. The first time she was asked to leave and return at a more convenient time as they were overcrowded. The second time she went in and had chosen several gowns to try. She was in them middle of her dresses when the bridal consultant came and told her she would have to leave the store. Another bride had come in with a closer wedding date and apparently it took all 4 of the present attendants to take care of that one bride...even though only one was presently helping my sister. My sister had just called one of her bridesmaids to come and look at the dress she had tried on because she was really interested in buying it. They said she might wait with that dress, but could not try on anymore. While my sister was watching, they approached the other bride who had a baby with her and actually asked her...Is this going to be a church wedding? while pointing at the infant!!! The store is ridiculous, outrageously priced, and they refuse to tell you what manufacturer makes the dresses you are interested in...I think both I and my sister have made ourselves clear about what would have to happen to make us set foot back in the store.
L. Terry