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05-23-2003, 10:06 PM
After reading some of the (admittedly dated) reviews of Kleinfeld on here, I was not sure I wanted to go along... well I am so glad I did.

The people in there were so nice. The gowns were 90% in perfect condition (one had a make-up stain), my "helper" was superb. She listened carefully to what I wanted, then took me over to the racks - pointing out which sections would be in my budget (whereas other stores like to let you wander into the expensive section so that you fall in love with a dress way over your budget) and remarking on the various merits of each dress.

In the fitting room she was so helpful, putting forward suggestions, but not butting in with her opinions. She never tried to over-ride the comments of my Mother or Grandmother and was really knowledgeable about the types of alterations the shop could do.

All in all, I was thrilled with the time I spent at Kleinfeld. I walked away having bought the dress of my dreams and I don't care at all about how much I paid for it. I have a lot of confidence in their sales and alterations staff... will be posting immediately if anything should change my feelings on that.