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06-03-2003, 09:54 PM
Hi girls! I've been doing some research on various websites that sell bridal gowns. I went to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and found out the following info:

1) Bridalmarketplace.com: I cannot find a listing for them on the BBB. This is probably because they are working under another name. In fact, when I e-mailed them to find out if they were an authorized dealer (I couldn't find them on the manufacturer's website), their response was: "Yes we are an authorized dealer of Demetrios gowns. We order them under a different name." I then e-mailed them back and asked what this "different name" was. Their response was: "We don't give that name out. Sorry." Sounds pretty fishy to me!!

2) Bridesave.com: They have a "satisfactory" record with the BBB, which means that if they were any complaints made within the last 3 years, they have been resolved and the consumer was satisfied with the resolution.

3) Budgetgowns.com: This is another site that I could not find on the BBB. I even did a search for the owner's name (Sharon Powell).

4) Gownsonline.com: The BBB listed 2 complaints within the past 3 years, including 1 regarding advertising issues and 2 regarding service issues.

5) Netbride.com: They have a satisfactory record with the BBB.

6) PearlsPlace.com: They have a satisfactory record with the BBB.

7) Bargainweddinggowns.com (Priceless Bridals): They have an UNSATISFACTORY record with the BBB.

8) RKBridal.com: According to the BBB, 4 complaints were made against them in the past 3 years, including 1 in the past 12 months. Complaints involved the following issues: defective/damaged products, delayed, repair issues, selling practices, and miscellaneous issues.

9) Weddingexpressions.com: They have a satisfactory record with the BBB.

10) HouseofBrides.com: According to the BBB, they have had 6 complaints made against them in the past 3 years, including 3 within the past 12 months! These included 1 complaint due to product quality and 5 complaints regarding customer service. Incidentally, Bridal Bargains does not mention them.

Hope this helps those of you who are planning on purchasing their gowns online. The whole reason I researched this is because I am DEFINITELY purchasing my gown online and I wanted to take all the precautions I can to avoid any problems. Of course, you never know!!

Good luck!

12-01-2006, 03:42 PM
They really aren't interested in protecting consumers, but businesses...They've been around so long people think they can be trusted, but they aren't here to protect us, but to protect businesses. Businesses can be members and remove complaints, it's all about money and if they pay fees and dues!

12-01-2006, 05:45 PM
I have to disrespectively disagree. I had to use them a few years ago over a dispute. They definitely worked with me to make sure that I was satisfied and the matter was resolved....if they were interested in taking the business's side, then I definitely wouldn't have walked away with a resolution.