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06-12-2003, 07:50 PM
Listen up brides this shop thought they suckered me but I got them back!
Here's the story: I try on the dress I love in a size 10, fits almost perfect. Then the sales lady measures me AFTER I put my clothes back on - it's winter and I'm wearing jeans and a thick sweater. Then she tells me I measured for a 12. My mother and I argue and argue with her but she was so manipulative - "you know it's so much harder to let a dress out than to take it in...what if it doesn't fit and you won't have time to order another before the wedding....if you gain even a LITTLE weight..." So despite the fact that there was more than 2 inches of fabric to let out if the dress needed it I gave in and let her order the size 12. So when the dress comes in I take it to my seamstress and it is huge! She says they never should have ordered the 12, it's going to need to be taken in EVERYWHERE, lots of work especially with the sewn-on beading. She suggests I ask the store to exchange it for a 10. The woman at the store is extremely rude, says "this isn't JC Penny you know, you can't just return something with a reciept." Tells me there's not enough time (13 weeks until my wedding, and the first dress arrived in 8 weeks) and that the manufacturer won't take it back. I happen to know that a) this store sells dresses off the rack so they could sell it there, and b) Alfred Angelo is the designer and they have an outlet store in Flordia (thanks for the info Bridal Bargains!). All she said was that her seamstress would do the alterations for less $ than my seamstress. But that's not the point, the dress looks better if it fits you right it the first place!
So I send Alfred Angelo an email explaining the situation and asking if they would exchange the dress for me. At the same time, my mom writes a letter to the local TV news, you know how they do those consumer action reports? Then she calls the shop and tells them she contacted the news. Next thing you know I get a call from the shop. The lady said she heard from Alfred Angelo, and they can cut the size 10 for me! They can have it in four weeks!
Her exact words were, no kidding, "We'll do anything to make you happy."
So if other brides are having problems I recommend the double whammy of contacting the manufacturer and letting the shop know you've contacted the news.
Good luck!
Claudia S

08-10-2003, 10:23 PM
Could you tell me what shop this was