View Full Version : Happy Surprise from a Bridal Shop in CO

07-06-2003, 01:36 AM
I started emailing explicit/exact questions to various local shops looking for any one of three different gown designs in which I was interested. Prepared for a lot of awful encounters thanks to the book (and still steeled for others) but I was pleasantly surprised when The Bridal Collection in Denver (positive BBB report) emailed back a very nice and professional sounding note within a day (per my instructions that I preferred email) letting me know they carry the designer I'm interested in but don't carry the gown I wished *but* instead of trying to sell me on an alternative they told me about a shop in another nearby city, Fort Collins, that is listed as carrying it. Given that most of the bridal shops seem to be individual businesses, it seems this was probably a referral to a competitor. I sent something back letting them know if I don't happen to track down my first choice of gowns, I will definitely come to their shop to look for alternatives. Just a starter, but it makes a very positive first impression for me when a shop is willing to help and give more information even though it doesn't benefit them directly.