07-31-2003, 04:07 PM
Sorry I am not realy answeringoyur question, but is this bridal sho[ that was robbed in Framingham, MA??? One of my good friends sister got her dress there and did not have bad luck as you did, if it is the same place. You may want to try DBS, they are a discounnt dress "dealer", but I have had wonderufl luck with them. Maybe they can apply the deposit on the charge card I don't know, I would think that the bridal shop has some liabilty insurance. I would also report them to the Better Business Bearau. Wish I could have been of more help. Good luck

08-01-2003, 08:47 AM
You need to look at the contract you signed with the bridal shop. Does it guarantee a delivery date? Does it allow you to cancel your order (most shops do not, especially since you say you made custom changes to the dress)? Have you followed up with the to find out an exact date of delivery for your dress? It's kind of drastic, but have you called a lawyer or the BBB about them?

You may want to go ahead and purchase a new dress, just in case. You can always sell one one of the dresses if you end up with both.

10-12-2004, 06:53 PM
i am having a major problem. we are getting married on Oct 12,2003 and i had ordered my wedding dress back in oct 2002 from a bridal shop during a trunk show.(the designer Monique Lou was there). and she said dress would be in this May. well it didnt come in. and the bridal shop was in the process of moving. they moved and then got robbed all the dresses were stolen. thank god my dress wasnt in yet. so after they got everything situated i went there 2 weeks ago. and they said my dress was going to be being shipped that week. well it is now less than 12 weeks to wedding and they dont have my dress. So here is my dilemma do i go and order a dress from Netbride.com right now and forget about the dress at this bridal shop. the other dilemma is can they put it on my credit report if all they have on me is a name and address. no ss#. My mother did put a 50 % deposit on the dress and i still owe 1200 on dress(from changes i made to the dress) i am so sick of this bridal shop i dont wnat the dress anymore. so should i go order a different dress from netbride. and worried the bridal shop with this dress will put it on my credit. Or will they just bill my mothers credit card that they have on file?

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