View Full Version : For any Brides in Iowa

08-07-2003, 10:51 PM
I am from the Eastern part of Iowa and one of the largest and most renowned bridal stores is Hope's Bridal Boutique near Cedar Rapids. I was so excited to go there with my Mom to try on one of the most important pieces of clothing that I will ever wear. I found the perfect gown, but I am going to shop around. While I was still in the fitting room, I asked the consultant who was helping me who the designer was of the dress (of course the tags ahd been cut). She told me that they don't release the designer information to customers. This made me a little mad. When we were ready to leave, I asked another consultant who the designer was on that dress, and suddenly it became an exclusive Hop'e Bridal only dress. Then they were pressuring me to order my dress now if that is the one I want because it will take at least 6-8 months for it to even come in to the store. I finally just asked for a picture of the dress. They said they had it in a magazine, but the picture was not allowed out of the store. I was also talking about this to one of the lady's that I work with. She is a bridesmaid in a wedding this summer, and they got their dresses at this same boutique. The consultants (sales sharks) pressured the bride into ordering a more expensive bridesmaid dress with the "promise" that alterations on this paticular dress would only be 25.00. 102.00 later, the alterations are done, and a higher profit was made. If there is any bride who is considering shopping at this store, think twice...