View Full Version : Stay Away from Ventura's Bridal Salon in Houston, TX

08-21-2003, 11:22 AM

Don't get anywhere near this shop. They have the worst customer service. I am getting married overseas and ordered my gown and veils from this shop. I paid a deposit which was half the cost of everything. When my veils arrived I wanted to pick up my veils so that I could have a trial hair and make up session to learn how to do my own hair and make up overseas. Ventura's Bridal would NOT release my veils unless I paid the whole balance even though I had not seen or tried on the dress yet. They claimed it was a store policy that if every item was on one invoice, nothing would get released until the whole invoice was paid. Well, I was not about to pay for everything until I had seen and tried on the dress.

Ms. Ventura, the owner of the store would not make an exception to her UNWRITTEN policy. She is holding my veils hostage. They have been very rude and uncooperative and make up these irrational policies as they go along and are not willing to work with the brides at all. Also, the dress that she claimed she had given me a 20% discount on, I found on the web for $100 less!!

They also lied to me when they said my tiara would arrive in the first week in August. It's almost the end of August and they still have not received it. Stay away from this shop!! They will make up stupid policies which you have not agreed to or been forwarned about to get their hands on your money before you've even seen or pick up the merchandise. I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.