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03-08-2002, 06:28 PM
I've found a great price on my dress from RK Bridal. Does anyone have any experience with them? Thanks.


05-31-2002, 10:53 PM
I did not respond about RK before receiving the gown. It was ordered on March 29, 2002. It was a silk Marisa gown Listed at $1300-1400 in the Philadelphia Pa area. I searched everywhere for the best price. Received one on the internet that I sent on to Fred at Pearl's place who said that it was nuts! His lowest price was approx. $930. (He doesn't always match a price. But he was very timely with responses to me). Sent the same quote to RK Bridal, they not only met the %40 less quote, they deducted another 5% for their anniversary celebration! In addition I ordered the dress in IVORY, they wrote back and said I probably only saw the dress in Silk White , and I may be unhappy with the Ivory color. RK said it was only "sampled in silk Ivory", I then contacted Marisa bridal, she confirmed it. For a no frills service I found this was an invaluable service. They could have just ordered the ivory dress and said "too bad" if I didn't like it.
Almost 50% off the most beautiful dress sounds great but it was still an online sale--who knows what will happen? But after hearing about the bricks and mortar stores sticking it to brides, I figured what's the diff?. To RK's credit they only ask 50% down payment--and promised the dress in 16 weeks (end of July). I never called them again, I would only start being concerned and calling in the middle of July.

This is anticlimatic because I never thought about the dress in the middle of May. But it arrived--beautifully packed in great condition on May 22, 2002--two months not four! I can't say enough about the service and price with RK. I thank Alan and Denise Fields for bringing this service to my attention. Guess I can't send the book back for a refund--(the promise of saving at least $500 guarantee) I did with just the dress!

06-01-2002, 09:56 AM
I just ordered my dress from RK last week. I also found a cheaper price and they matched it and gave me 5% off. That made the final price 45% off the bridal shop price. They actually rounded my deposit down to a nice even number so I ended up putting down a deposit of less than 50% of the quoted price. They have been quick to answer all of my questions, and gave me a 12 week delivery estimate.

07-01-2002, 01:37 PM
I just called RK, they do not respond to emails, and their price was rather high. Higher than most of the other folks. How did you get that low price? I also asked about a number of designers and they were not very helpful in giving me all of the prices.

07-17-2002, 08:17 PM
I ordered my dress from RK Bridal back in March of this year after reading rave reviews about them in this forum and in Bridal Bargains. Unfortunately, this was not a smooth transaction like many others had with RK Bridal. After ordering my dress, I waited patiently for my dress to come (it had an estimated arrival date in June). I called the Friday before my dress was expected to arrive and someone there told me it was already sent out to me and that I should receive it the following week. Then I asked her for a tracking number. She wasn't able to find a tracking number and told me to call back. So I called back a couple of hours later and was told that someone was researching the matter and would call me back. Nobody ever called me back. The following day I called back and was told that the manufacturer delivered the wrong dress and that it would take another month for me to get my dress. Needless to say, I was getting kind of peeved by that time. So I called up the manufacturer and spoke to the vice president in charge of the RK Bridal account to find out what exactly happened and was told that it was RK Bridal that made the mistake and had asked the manufacturer to do them a favor and make another dress. I was upset, but there was nothing I could do but wait. When the next due date came for me to receive my gown, I called up RK again just to make sure they were on track. When I called, I was told that someone would call me back because they had to call the manufacturer and find out the status of the dress. Of course, nobody called back. When I called them back again several hours later, I was told that I wouldn't receive the dress until next week. Yet another delay. When I finally received the dress, I looked at the tag and where it had the order status, it read "Rush: NO ". I can't believe they allegedly screwed up on my order and then didn't rush order the correct dress. My wedding is next month. This was the last thing I wanted to stress about. Not that this couldn't happen with any other bridal shop, but I expected more honesty and professionalism from them (at least a return phone call!).

07-17-2002, 08:29 PM
I had the best service from them. The real question is "Did you get your gown at a good price before you needed to wear it?" I do understand your frustration, it was good you stayed on top of the situation and worked through it. Was the price better than other shops? Do you know how many bridal shops just close up without recourse? I can only think that the rave reviews on these boards and books have overwhelmed them recently. (NOT AN EXCUSE, BUT THEY HAVE TO REALIZE IT AND STAFF UP!) Remember, I just ordered a dress for 45% off in March, due in July, received in May. In addition, they corrected my order so that I received the correct color that I really wanted and mistakenly ordered the wrong one.

07-19-2002, 09:01 AM
Your experience does not coincide with mine. First of all I called recently on a designer and they would not give me info. Then they called back and said, "yes we can get you that gown." Price was only about 25% discount and I could not understand the person who called me. Perhaps I do not speak "New York" but I was not impressed. I did not speak with Reed, who I believe is the owner. But they did not give a low price in any regard.