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03-22-2002, 01:34 AM
My friend needed a dress fast - she'd put off getting her gown and was really running out of time - her wedding's April 27th. The only gowns she'd seen and liked off the rack needed way too many alterations, and the salons wanted an arm and a leg to do them. Because I have more free time than she does (and because my daughter's getting married in Nov. and I've been checking out the web), she asked me to see what I could find. Since that was better than trying to sew appliques on the only other dress she was even considering getting, I agreed. Found a dress in the style she wanted on NetBride, in the "available for immediate delivery" category - and only $265! It was a gorgeous Moonlight gown, just like what she had in mind. Since I had her measurements from the Christmas play I was able to determine that the in-stock dress would fit with minor alterations. She gave me her credit card info and I ordered it online. Of course, I immediately started sweating it, feeling totally responsible. I didn't receive any confirmation of the order and was a bit nervous, but when I emailed Nora I had a response in a matter of hours. She confirmed my order and said it would be shipped within a couple of days. Today I got an email that said the dress was shipped on Mar. 14 (I'd ordered it Mar. 11), and that the dress was delivered yesterday. Sure enough, I called the bride and she had finally had a chance to open the box and try it on. Fortunately, she loved it! I saw it on her and it's really not going to need much in the way of alterations - hem and taking it in in the back a bit. But it goes perfectly with the veil she's borrowed, and she looks lovely in it. Anyway, just wanted to share that we're very happy with NetBride, although I did wish I gotten an original confirmation...all in all, everything has turned out very well! 9 days from order to delivery - not bad at all!!

04-04-2002, 05:10 PM
I too can honestly say I am VERY pleased with Netbride. I ordered some After Six BM dresses through Netbride and had them shipped directly to my BMs. They got them earlier than the ETA, but when they tried them on found that all the dresses were HUGE. They checked the measurements and found all the waists of the dresses were 3" too big. I emailed Nora about the problem and received a prompt reply offering to check the sizing (of course we have to ship it back but they will reimburse if sizes are indeed wrong). And that if indeed the measurements are off to see that the designer fixes the problem. During all this, we found that the sizing chart that Netbride has posted has different measurements than the one posted on the Dessy/After Six website, which is bigger by 1". I was worried that we would get the dresses back and they would still be too big, so I brought this to Nora's attention. She was more than helpful, promising that they will make sure the dresses will match the dimensions posted on the Netbride website and that they will check on the discrepancy in charts. All in all, I can honestly say Netbride has the best customer service I've ever experienced.

06-21-2002, 04:36 PM
I too have had a great experience with netbride.com. I ordered 5 Bill Levkoff dresses. I was hesitant, especially because I have read bad reviews about Levkoff and his dresses. I haven't had my wedding yet, but so far I am happy with the dresses. And netbride.com delivered my dresses early. Everything was smooth and easy and I saved lots of money. I recommend this website if you know the exact dress you want.