View Full Version : Buying Wedding Attire on Internet - NetBride.com 10% Discount

07-06-2002, 10:19 PM
I am thinking about buying my dress from either RKBridal or Netbride (please see my previous thread on getting people's experience from buying over the Internet). For those of you thinking of getting your wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses over the Internet, I found NetBride offering an additional 10% discount (http://www.discountweddingstore.com/merchants/netbride.htm) through http://www.discountweddingstore.com. You'll have to join to get a member number, and you might get unsolicited e-mail from wedding vendors, but I think the additional savings is worth it. I haven't presented this coupon yet on purchases from NetBride.com so I'm not sure if this is still valid. However, I hope some bride out there will benefit from this tidbit of information. Please tell me how it works out.