View Full Version : Does anyone know if Pearl's Place is legit

10-31-2002, 03:01 PM
I'e been looking around for a specific dress made by Demetrios Couture. The price in the store was way too expensive and Pearl's quoted me the lowest. Can I trust them to deliver the exact same dress as I tried on in the store, or will it be a knock off?? Will it come to me damaged or really late?? Also, does anyone know if I could contact the Better Business Beurue in Pearl's area to research them a little more?? Please respond if you can help me!!

11-01-2002, 02:47 PM
I ordered my dress from Pearl's Place and yes they are legit. My dress came in perfect condition 3 weeks earlier than they had quoted. Fred one of the owners answers all the emails personally and he is really great. Don't be put off if they are short on the phone they are really busy in their store that is why Fred is available through email (or at least that is what I thought).

I am ordering my bridesmaid and flower girl dresses from them next week. I highly recommend them.

I also checked them out with the BBB and they did have a couple of complaints against them, but the BBB said that that was typical for the type of business they are in.

Good Luck, Cindy

11-23-2002, 12:29 AM
Pearl's Place was great. I ordered my Jim Hjelm Couture gown at the end of August, and I received the dress in just 8 weeks! Some DBS reps were quoting me a much higher price, and they told me that it would take 30 weeks for the dress to arrive. Huh?!? Pearl's Place said the dress would arrive in mid-December at the latest. I was pleasantly surprised when the dress arrived at the end of October. The dress is the exact same dress I tried on in the store.

Anyway, Courtney was very pleasant and patient. She answered all of my questions, and they saved me over $600 on my dress. It is a family run business (I found out that Fred and Elaine are the parents of Courtney), and I am sooooo happy with my beautiful gown. They delivered UPS, and the dress was in perfect condition.

With any phone/internet order you should make absolute certain that you have the correct style number and color before you order. This requires numerous visits to different stores and the designer's web site. Hopefully, you will have very "inattentive" sales people, so you can check the tag on the inside of the gown while you are in the dressing room (that is if they are not tag rippers!). This is where I confirmed my style number. Believe me, when I say this was a covert operation worthy of any spy film.

Good Luck!

01-29-2003, 03:29 PM
I'm surfing over on the baby bargains board, but thought I'd pop in to see if there was any mention of Pearl's Place. I ordered my gown and my bridesmaids gowns from them over 4 years ago and tell everyone I can to shop with Pearl's!!! I saved over $500 on my dress and $55 each for the bridesmaids. My dress came in perfect condition...early! I could not have been more pleased. Fred helped me online and Elaine over the phone. My dress was a Jasmine Coture and had lace and beading along the hem line, so the hem to hollow measurement was crucial. Elaine talked me through exactly how she wanted my local seamstress to measure me. It was just perfect. When I think about how much $$ was saved, how easy and honest the process was and how quickly my dress arrived I can honestly give Pearl's Place my highest recommendation! I'm so glad to see that brides are still getting the word. Weddings are so expensive and filled with vendors looking to rip off emotional women, it's great to find a company with integrity.

03-29-2003, 04:09 PM
I had a pretty good experience with Pearl's Place. I ordered my Marisa gown from them last November. It was $600 off the in store retail price. My wedding is this summer. They promised me it would come in 3 months- February, and that I didn't need to pay for rush service. They were polite, but very very busy and didn't want to spend time with all of my questions. They also told me that my size didn't sound right because I'm not quite as hourglass shaped as they expected perhaps.

In any case, February came and went, and when I called to find out why I hadn't received my dress, a very nice person, Jordan, informed me that Marisa was behind on some shipments and that I could expect the gown in APRIL!! I was horrified. He was reassuring and told me that I could keep calling to check the status.

Then two weeks ago, (mid March), they called and told me the dress was in and was being shipped. It arrived 1 week later by UPS- the box quite beaten up but the dress in pristine condition.

All in all I'm pleased, although I did have a scare about the dress. One great thing- they were very responsive to e-mail, and understanding of my anxiety.

07-12-2003, 08:45 AM
A friend of my daughter's bought her Maggie Sottero gown from Pearl's Place via the internet. When my daughter got engaged, my husband & I drove to LA so she could try on gowns in person. Neither of us cared for the way they rush you in and out of the gowns. And they are tag-rippers. All the tags were ripped out of their gowns. They didn't want to tell us who the designer was when we asked about certain ones. And they wouldn't quote us a price unless we made a deposit first. Needless to say, we left the store without buying anything.

I know a lot of women have had success with Pearl's Place, and as long as you are buying over the internet & know EXACTLY what you are buying, you're probably okay. But I wouldn't buy anything from them in person. In the store they made me feel very uneasy, like they were nothing but con artists.