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01-22-2003, 07:29 PM
Has anyone bought dresses from him through Ebay? This pictures that are posted are esquisite. He has been answering all of the questions promptly. But, I feel weird about spending so much money on something that wasn't tried on. Any opinions you can give will be most helpful. Thank you. :)

05-11-2003, 06:55 PM
Here's a bit of advice, and this goes for any high-priced Ebay transaction, e-mail the seller before placing a bid and ask if he/she will commit to using an escrow service (www.escrow.com is a legitimate one that comes highly recommended). This is how it works, the buyer sends check/money order/credit card/etc. to the escrow company, they hold it and verify that the funds are valid and tell the seller they can ship out the merchandise. The seller must provide a tracking number, when the merchandise has arrived the buyer has a certain amount of time to verify the product is in acceptable condition, and then if all goes well, the escrow service sends a check to the seller. This is nice for both parties because both of you are covered from possible scam or fraud. Some buyers don't like escrow because there a fees to the escrow service, this can be a point of negotiation for you though, by offering to pay all fees, the buyer is more likely to accept the idea. Anyway, do your research, check out www.escrow.com and get the lowdown before you commit to anything and always e-mail the seller and discuss any concerns before placing a bid.


06-27-2003, 04:54 PM
I have ordered a custom dress from him. So far the customer service is EXCELLENT. I was requesting a different embroidery color and after I provided a swatch of the color I wanted, it was done. The dress will be ready in 3 months so once I have it I will re-post.

06-27-2003, 05:41 PM
The Bridal Guy is the eBay name used for Zinnia Bridal, and they have more information about the gowns there, as well as other gowns, for similar, if not exactly the same, prices. I bought mine on eBay from this seller. The quality is wonderful!! Just make sure you measure yourself well, and you shouldn't have a problem. I do recommend trying on similar styles, though, to make sure that it will be as flattering as you hope. :D

09-06-2003, 01:24 PM
I jsut received my dress today. I had custom colors done for my embrodiery and I can't say enough about the results. The dress quality is great, the embroidery was matched perfectly and the overall experience was first rate!