View Full Version : BEWARE gown scams! Knock-off gowns!

03-04-2003, 10:56 PM
I bought a gown online from Saintanndresses.com but when it arrived it was NOT what was advertised! I ordered a beautiful Moonlight gown, but when it arrived it had a slit up the front, no sequins, layered cheap lace, uneven seams, and was suspiciously light. (looked like a $100.00 Mall gown, to me) Inside the dress was a little lable that read "moonlight" but NO tag to declare country of origin, material content or registered #'s.
I sent it back because it was so different than the picture. Shirley accepted it back, but refused to pay for return shipping or even refund my money. She said she had contacted Moonlight and got a "Special Cut on a Gown".
Suspicious, I contacted Moonlight myself. They do not acknowlegdge Saint Ann Dresses or Audrey Bridals (who I paid). They told me to BEWARE. They were very interested in the situation and would send her a SEASE and DESIST order.
When I asked Shirley why Moonlight told me they didn't have an account with her, she got ugly.
She is now accusing me on wearing the dress and then trying to send it back! How awful! (A marriage licencse will show that I did NOT get married during the 5 days I had the dress)
Anyway...Please BEWARE!!!! I wish I had, now I'm out $824.00 just in time for Wedding bills!!!