View Full Version : RK or Pearl's Place

03-10-2003, 06:45 PM
Have read postings from 2002 and earlier from brides regarding the service of these two discounters? Any recent experience with either of these discounters? Pearl's Place is rated lower than RK Bridal in the latest edition of the Bridal Bargains...thoughts, opinions, etc.??

03-29-2003, 04:08 PM

I had a pretty good experience with Pearl's Place. I ordered my Marisa gown from them last November. It was $600 off the in store retail price. My wedding is this summer. They promised me it would come in 3 months- February, and that I didn't need to pay for rush service. They were polite, but very very busy and didn't want to spend time with all of my questions. They also told me that my size didn't sound right because I'm not quite as hourglass shaped as they expected perhaps.

In any case, February came and went, and when I called to find out why I hadn't received my dress, a very nice person, Jordan, informed me that Marisa was behind on some shipments and that I could expect the gown in APRIL!! I was horrified. He was reassuring and told me that I could keep calling to check the status.

Then two weeks ago, (mid March), they called and told me the dress was in and was being shipped. It arrived 1 week later by UPS- the box quite beaten up but the dress in pristine condition.

All in all I'm pleased, although I did have a scare about the dress. One great thing- they were very responsive to e-mail, and understanding of my anxiety.