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07-29-2003, 08:41 AM
I ordered my veil from affordable-bride.com. When it arrived, I was delighted. Waltz length, ivory with scattered pearls. Then I noticed the pearls were glued. I had specifically asked Carlos if they were sewn or glued on and he had said sewn. However, it looked lovely so I put it away carefully and was satisfied.
I took it out again the other day and as I unfolded it, 3 of the pearls came off. Now, I understand that after some wear this might happen, but the veil was folded in a bag and stored away! I wrote an email to Carlos asking what to do and suggesting that they pay for shipping back and would resecure all the pearls.
I received no reply.
Last night I called and explained the situation calmly. He said that the veil was fine when it left his shop, who knows what I did to it, it is fragile and this happens, you can't sew on pearls because they mess up the fabric (hence my previous quetion), I was ridiculous, he sells veils in Beverly Hills and this would have happened if I had gotten it there to but at least I got a good price, and finally, if i wanted to pay for shipping and labor, I could send it back and they would sew on the pearls. I was shocked. I asked how he could run his business this way, how dare he hint that I did something wrong, how dare he say I was ridiculous or didn't deserve a quality product because I got a deal. He then yelled at me saying I should go to Michael's and get some glue and fix it myself, he can't be bothered with anything so ridiculous, and then he hung up on me.
I called back and his partner Ellie answered. I had heard her talking in the background when I spoke to him before so I asked to have Carlos put on the phone. She asked what it was regarding, I said you know exactly what and this went back and forth with her for a few minutes. I could hear him in the background yelling about me as she told me he wasn't there. Finally I said, "you both ought to be ashamed" and I hung up.
They made everything ten times worse than it needed to be.I am posting this everywhere I can so others don't get treated this way. I am disputing the charge and reporting them to the better business bureau. They are in Tuscon and known there as Elle Bridal. Please avoid them so you don't go through this.